Benefits of Karate:

The most important aspect of Karate is respect. Respect for others as well as yourself. Many aspects of training traditional karate require self-discipline and respect for self and others to be able to succeed. Included on this page is the Dojo Kun (the Karate Warrior Code) and the information detailing the correct etiquette for many daily processes of being part of a traditional Karate Dojo.

Dojo Kun & Etiquette

A Code to live by...

dojo kun

Dojo Kun is the Karate warrior code. It is the very ideals for which we try to live our day to day lives. Before each rule you say ‘Hitotsu’ (pronounced as ‘Shi-tots’) meaning Rule Number One. Therefore each rule is as important as all the others… This was created by Sensei Morio Higaonna.