The young beginner program is specifically designed for children aged 4-6-year-old. From the vast experience of years of training Goju-Ryu karate, Sensei Naude knows what your developing child needs and have incorporated basic karate skills training with fun activities designed to improve your child’s coordination, strength, flexibility and confidence into every class. 

Along with this the children must undertake social interactions with their Sensei and class mates using appropriate manners and discipline to achieve successful outcomes.If your child is shy or extremely energetic this class caters for all children and we welcome you to come along and see for yourself. 

Students are subjected to the main features of the Goju-Ryu system in a carefully managed fashion that assists them in setting and achieving goals. Kyu(belt) gradings are also available for children and give them the opportunity to build confidence and demonstrate their skills to progress through a structured belt system. Along with this, the IOGKFSA runs separate kids-only training seminars at all of their training camps and each year host a bi-annual friendship tournament, provincial and nationally, to promote goodwill between those of their own age.

The result of this beginner karateka program is one of the best kids programs you will find, not aimed at giving kids what they want, but rather helping them achieve what they want. We suggest calling into one of our many Dojo(s), meeting with Sensei Naude, viewing a class and talking to other parents about what Karate has done for their child. Give your child a head start in life and find out what Karate can do for him or her today.


He started the practice of Okinawan Goju-Ryu Karate in 1977 and has been training with Sensei Bakkies Laubscher since 1978. Today he is a full time 5th Dan (Godan) karate instructor. With dojo's in Somerset-West, Franschhoek, Paarl and Wellington you will be close to a training facility or dojo as it is called. Currently the largest number of karateka train weekly in Paarl.


Cell: 083 956 1845